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Oh dear, it’s been a while.

I’m back at Oakzilla treehouse, getting the space ready for some social interaction. For starters, I’m going to host informal, free English conversation sessions in the treehouseĀ and see how that goes. I’ve been out of SL for a few months for various reasons…but it’s *really* cold now and the metaverse looks more attractive when the north wind doth blow….I also fell out of love with SL’s quirks (read: annoyances), but am feeling hardy again in the face of the lag issue and those inexplicable crashes. For the time being at least.

This one was actually quite funny – my avatar lost all her clothes (except shoes and bling) and turned black. For three days.

Recently I’ve also made a couple of friends (at last!) thanks to my knitting obsession and love of electronic music.

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