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Welcome to Wheeler Weatherwax’s Second Life blog, something she’s been meaning to do for a very long time! Wheeler will be posting her exploits here, and this is bound to involve stories of getting stuck in embarrassing animations, knocking into other avatars, and accidentally deleting huge builds by mistake….

As well as the gaffs, I’m hoping to keep a record of my own learning experiences in Second Life. My primary interest in Second Life is educational. Are educators seriously starting to use virtual learning environments (VLEs) with their students? How to orient your learners in such an unstable, complex and frustrating world as Second Life? And are there really any benefits in terms of learning outcomes?

Wheeler Weatherwax was born in October 2007, since when she has learnt how to control herself (that took about two months of trial and error), buy and part with Linden dollars, and gradually get accustomed to using in-world Voice to speak with other avatars.

The final catalyst to getting this blog started was a two-week training course “Second Life for Teachers”, run by The Consultants-e , which I have just completed. I am now teaching myself some basic building skills, and trying to think of creative ways to address the challenge of taking my teaching into Second Life.

This is a pic of my ‘mindmap’, the final course task, with my plans for Second Life in floating text above each sphere.

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